PAVE-EL Product Information

PAVE-EL is available in four model sizes (4X, 5X, 6X, & 7X), each rated to handle various paver stone sizes and live loads.

  1. PAVE-EL pedestals elevate paver stones to provide perfect drainage.
  2. Spacer ribs included with PAVE-EL pedestals ensure even joint spacing of pavers.
  3. PAVE-EL pedestals are easily sub-divided to support corner and edge pavers.
  4. Through-drainage and aeration eliminates freeze-thaw damage to pavers.
  5. 1/8” plates enable perfect leveling of pavers.

Lower Price than the Competition

PAVE-EL is designed for elevating paver stones to heights up to six inches. While the competitive “screw-jack” pedestals work for raising pavers more than six inches, they are over-engineered and unnecessary for lower heights – and significantly higher in price.

Easier to Install than the Competition

PAVE-EL is faster and easier to install than the over-engineered competition. No tools or special skills are needed.

Maintenance Free

Durable and weather resistant, PAVE-EL has a unique through-drainage and air vent design to prevent water entrapment and freeze-thaw. PAVE-EL is self-cleaning and unaffected by ultra-violent light.

For complete details, including a Guideline Loading Chart and CAD Drawings, visit the Specifications page or download a PDF file of our Specification Bulletin.